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1971 Cinelli SC Road All Chrome

Original “from the factory” all chrome Cinellis are extremely rare. This little gem was originally purchased from Oscar Wastyn Cycles, in Chicago and was ridden in Minnesota. Everything is original except the chain, tires, brake pads and freewheel. More pictures HERE

Regrinding Bearing Races

Rare, or valuable headset (or bottom bracket) parts that are in lousy condition can be worth spending some time on to regrind. Here is a headset fork crown race from a Cinelli headset that needs help. Using a small metal lathe and a Dremel tool, I have figured out how to bring it back to […]

Acquisitions from Holland and Italy

Recent Acquisitions from Holland and Italy Campagnolo “Cambio Corsa” set, new in it’s original box: Brooks B.17 saddle modified by Giuseppe Ottusi: Italian FB cottered bottom bracket spindle: Magistroni (Italy) seat tube collar: Devil mascot for my front fender:  

Cinelli “Tirolo” Handlebars

Cinelli “Tirolo” handlebars/stem from the 40’s-50’s. The badge covers access to the quill bolt: Tirolo with grips and without grips. The grips were made of bone and held in place with a screw on the underside. Rubber grips didn’t need to be held in place, so bars sold “senza manopole” did not have a screw […]