Pino Letter From Colnago 1972

Pino Letter From Colnago

Translation courtesy of Steven Maasland:

“Dear Pino, with this note I would like to ask for your forgiveness for not contacting you earlier (I truly lacked the time). I have received the material, by way of Felice, for the record, I have fitted the 13 cm stem. It swayed a bit but it was OK, whereas the BB that was fitted was of an alloy that was too light, it deformed; I needed to remove it. Felice called me to say that you would be coming at the end of the month or in early December. Try to bring the bearings for the headset.

I take that you are in good health. Whereas I am well, my wife is in rough shape, she will be out for 3 months (pleura!!)

Looking forward to seeing you again, I salute you”